Challenges & Solutions

Build a cohesive Executive Council team
Before starting work as a new team, I would together with the other elected officer create principles to guide our work such as:

  • Agreement on a common vision for the union
  • Trust on each others intentions
  • Healthy process to resolve disagreements in a way that we do not lose perspective of the vision
  • Allegiance to the decisions taken as a group
  • Accountability with responsibilities assigned
  • Focus on the collective results.

Build a solid organizational structure that facilitates the work of all the officers
We’ll need an organizational structure that offers guidance to everyone, this will include:

  • An update of union by-laws
  • Creation of administrative manuals for each process that the executive council officers are responsible for
  • A manual for the elections committee
  • Organize electronic records of union documents to be used as reference
  • Create training opportunities for members who have interest on the executive council positions
  • Create a database of the member’s skills to reach out for help when specific projects are needed

Gain back the trust of the membership
The union culture that has been in place for more than 20 years has impacted the ability to trust the union leadership, which has developed in the current apathy for collaboration.  We will need to work fast and efficiently to demonstrate the changes proposed, keeping all the changes up to date on the web site, and tapping on members skills to show them that the union is responsibility of everyone, and as such make them feel included.

Educational opportunities for many areas in need
Create peer groups to help co-workers that are applying for advanced positions, i.e. interview rehearsals, help writing applications, etc.

Create agreements with the administration to help professional development for co-workers that their position doesn’t allow them to gain experience in other areas therefore they get stuck in the same position for years.

Inclusion of the fair share employees in the union process
Currently one of the obstacles for timesheet positions to become members is financial.  There might be instances when they have an entire month without being called to work, but they will be still expected to pay the union dues.  I will propose the Executive Council to have the same dues for members and fair share staff, and change the membership fee to a percentage of the amount earned per month.  This will help staff that does not have regular hours, and it will incentive fair share staff to become members as well.

Support timesheet employees looking for collaborative ways to help them gain basic benefits
I will be in support of looking into possible solutions with the administration or full time members to help staff not eligible to use the college Health Clinic, to allow opt in to purchase access for a low cost. 

 Consequences if Supreme Court case rules in favor of Janus v AFSCME

To avoid a blow that this decision might cause, we need to bring up the membership up to least 80% of the staff that currently works in the classified group. To make this a reality we need to offer incentives to the fair share employees, and that can be done accomplishing the above challenges.

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“It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” – Charles Darwin