• Education in Business Administration
  • 35 years of work experience in supervisory and non-supervisory positions in the fields of accounting and human resources.
  • 17 years of experience at Lane, 7 of these years as a Human Resources analyst where I worked in each (payroll, benefits, and recruitment). In 2003 I was part of the college wide charter that streamlined the college hiring practices creating clear guidelines.  In 2004 I was part of the classification and compensation study. And in 2005 I was part of the heartbreaking Bumping Process Team due to the budget cuts.
  • 10 years of experience in the Office of the President.  One of my responsibilities is to administer the governance system and take notes of the College Council. This council is responsible for developing the college’s budget that is presented to the Board of Education for their approval each year.  Here is where I have learned how the politics of all the groups involved come in to play.
  • As part of the governance system, I was the Chair of Diversity Council for 5 years. Within this role, I experienced direct personal and professional challenges and developed a deeper understanding of how to move policy forward within a complex political environment. I also developed and strengthened my ability to focus on the work and did not allow my personal and professional challenges to affect my ability to move the work forward. I believe it is an important skill to be diplomatic and to establish a good working relationship with constituents as well as the administration. I also think it is important to do this while keeping a deeper regard for the constituents needs, rather than concerning myself with being popular within the administration.
  • A unique set of experience and skills. Working on these departments at Lane has given me a unique experience. Technically, I’ve been using the same tools that the union does: labor laws and union contracts.  This has given me the advantage of seeing the perspectives of the classified, faculty and management groups.
  • My time. One of the main responsibilities of this position is to be accessible to its constituencies. I’m at a point in my life where the commitments of husband and children are nonexistent, that gives me a free range of availability


“We always live at the time we live and not at some other time, and only by extracting at each present time the full meaning of each present experience are we prepared for doing the same thing in the future.” ― John Dewey